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Freddy Borges

I've known Freddy for almost the entire six years I have lived in New York City. He is originally a trained engineer from Venezuela, but his passion is in the art world. Freddy is a fixture in the New York art scene as a full-time art model.

Students from nearly every atelier and art school life drawing event in the city have experienced his cheerful nature. His impressive sartorial selections evidence his joy for life. He frequently admixes medleys of polka dots, paisley. Even on rainy days, his umbrella will match his outfit. His good humor is similarly effervescent, and he often admonishes his observers in a thick accent, "Pay attention, please!"

But there is more to Freddy than his modeling and dress. An abstract sculptor himself, Freddy has had works in the Venice Biennale. He emigrated from South America more than twenty-five years ago. He worries that the civil unrest exacerbated by government corruption bode ill for his family's prospects in the country. Freddy speaks to them frequently, and he hopes that more can join him in the United States.

Despite worry for his family in Venezuela, Freddy is a worthy model. His punctuality and passion for his craft have guaranteed that many of the best realist artists in New York City today have captured his likeness.


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